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e-ducator podcast – episode 1 – Flipped Classroom

e-ducator podcast series

The e-ducator podcast series presents an informative and educational discussion on things related to education.

It provides an avenue for education stakeholders to have a voice and also learn about things educational.

In episode 1, we discussed the Flipped Classroom as an innovative and trending approach to teaching and learning.

Listen to the podcast HERE.

You can also download a copy of the transcript HERE.

Happy listening!

AECT Standards

AECT Standard 3  (Learning Environments) states that “Candidates facilitate learning by creating, using, evaluating, and managing effective learning environments.”

Indicator 6 of AECT Standard 3 refers to Diversity of Learners as “Candidates foster a learning community that empowers learners with diverse backgrounds, characteristics, and abilities”.

By creating a transcript of the audio file, the AECT standard 3, indicator 6 is being adhered to. This allows for learners who may have hearing challenges to still benefit form the educational content of the podcast series.

The Web Accessibility in Mind organization also suggests transcription as a means to create accessible content. As educators, this is very important as we comply with Section 508 and provide learners with optimal condition for learning despite diverse learning styles (preferences).