Project #5: Worked Example Screencast

The screencast was a tutorial for faculty who wanted to use the Flipped Classroom approach and wanted to provide videos for students to view before coming to class. Faculty were exposed to two techniques to accomplish this using Moodle.

Technique 1 was by uploading a video file from their computer using Moodle’s File resource and Technique 2 was by using a link to a YouTube video using Moodle’s URL resource.

Although the video is approximately six (6) minutes in duration, the two techniques followed the segmenting principle and included title clips for each technique, effectively making each video three (3) minutes long. This is in keeping with research on screencast videos which revealed that after 6 minutes, viewers started to lose interest.

Faculty were then urged to use one of the techniques to provide a video to students for their Flipped Classroom.

The screencast video was produced using Camtasia. It was not difficult to use since I have experience using it, but regardless it is a time consuming process to edit since mistakes are made even if you have a complete narration of what you intend to say.

Link to screencast video is HERE.



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