Project #1: Static Multimedia Instruction

Multimedia Learning refers to learning from words, however, multimedia instruction refers to the presentation of material using both words and pictures, with the intention of promoting learning (Mayer, 2010).

This post was made to showcase an example of static multimedia instruction on Online polling using Socrative Quizzes.

Learner Description

The learners are Grade 10 teachers with a basic knowledge of the computers and Internet use.

Learner Objectives/Outcomes

After viewing the “How-To” Guide on Online Polling using Socrative Quizzes, learners (Grade 10 teachers) should be able to:

  • Follow a series of steps to access to Socrative™ as a Teacher
  • Follow a series of steps to create a poll using the multiple choice question type in Socrative™

How-To Guide/ Tutorial

The pdf document showcasing an example of multimedia instruction can be viewed HERE.

Process of Creating How-To Guide / Tutorial

The How-To Guide was completed using a trial version of the software Clarify™. This was my first experience using Clarify and I found it was intuitive. I have created How-To guides and tutorials before but I used a combination of Microsoft Word and Paint.

Clarify™ makes the process of taking and organizing screenshots quite easy by inserting the screenshots in the Clarify document which avoids the back and forth between applications.

The tutorial outlined the steps from registering an account through to publishing an online poll to students using Socrative. At each major step, Clarify was used to take screenshots using the Shift-Ctrl-2 key combination and automatically the screenshots were organized in the Clarify document.

Clarify™ also has a basic editing tool to include annotations such as arrows or step numbers which were used to highlight a particular item, field or button on Socrative.

After annotating my screenshots, I exported to Microsoft Word because I wanted to use my own pre-defined styles for headings and not what was available in Clarify™. Headings used a gerund naming convention deliberately to convey an active and involved learning approach when using the How-To/Tutorial Guide.

I then exported the MS Word version of the How-To Guide to Adobe PDF format.

The How-To guide had to be re-done because Socrative made a complete change to their interface on July 10, 2016 on the launch of Socrative Pro (paid) version. As a result, I had to replace existing screenshots but this was easily accomplished with Clarify™.

Thoughts on Clarify™

Clarify is an easy tool to use especially for taking and annotating screenshots and can meet my needs in the future for the most part. I did not notice a feature to easily erase a part of the screen shot and re-color the erased part using a fill feature. I also did not notice a color picker which is useful in re-coloring.

Re-coloring is sometimes useful if you want to display a screenshot that is unobstructed, clean and clear of unwanted items.

Multimedia Principle

The Multimedia Principle recommends that words and supporting graphics be used to support learning rather than text alone.

The How-To/Tutorial Guide presented a step-wise process of screenshots leading to the end result which was publishing a poll. The screenshots were obtained to support the textual instructions of the steps.

Steps were succinct to reduce essential cognitive processing. The screenshots used were strategically included cognizant of the learners who were new to Socrative. The combination of text and graphics seemed most appropriate for the learners.

Contiguity Principle

In its simplest form, the Contiguity Principle recommends that words should be aligned to corresponding graphics.

The How-To/Tutorial Guide satisfied the principle as far as was practicable by positioning textual words near to the screenshots.

Excessive annotations on the screenshots were deliberately avoided to avoid a confusing or cluttered screenshot.


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