School Evaluation Summary

The evaluation survey of SCH1BB using the Maturity Model Benchmarks by Sibley and Kimball (1998), positioned the school at the Emerging Systems Stage. This was not surprising since after a major focus was placed on the physical infrastructure for schools for networking capability and hardware acquisition about 10 years ago, a similar focus was not placed on teacher training,  technology integration, or software for pedagogical purposes.

The assessment presents a surprisingly opposite picture of the developmental strides Barbados has made, being ranked 59th in Human Development Index by the UNDP and boasting an Internet penetration rate of almost 80 % (Internet World Stats, 2015) and a ratio of more than 1 mobile phone to each of its 290,000 inhabitants (Telecoms Unit of Barbados, 2015).

The evaluation enlightened me to what are the key determinants in moving towards an Intelligent System stage which is the ultimate goal in any technology plan especially for a country such as Barbados where human capital is a key component in the continued development of the country.

Technology Integration Specialist, John See, points out that effective technology plans should go beyond enhancing the curriculum, should be tied to staff development plans and have critical attributes based upon research.

It is therefore my desire to be involved in moving Barbados towards a maturity model that would redound to the benefit of individuals and the country as a whole.

Links to resources on Google Docs
Maturity Model Benchmarks Survey: SCH1BB
School Evaluation Summary: SCH1BB


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