Emerging Trends

The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Higher Learning states that the Flipped Classroom is “a model of learning that arranges how time is spent both in and out of class to shift the ownership of learning from the educators to the students.”

It is a model that is expected to be adopted by higher learning institutions within one year. As a person involved in higher learning, this model has indeed generated interest amongst faculty members since it is part of the blended learning initiative being pushed at institutions of higher learning.

Being able to use the SAMR model for Flipped Classroom caused me to critique the graphic that is often found for the SAMR model.


The description at each level of the graphic starts with “Technology acts/allows …”. If I were to re-state the descriptions at each level, the focus would be more on the pedagogical value derived from the use of technology in achieving the desired learning outcome(s).


My critique of the video on SAMR below:

Doesn’t it seem as though you are simply adding more and more features to attain the level of Redefinition, but shouldn’t it first start with what was the learning objective?

If the objective of the lesson was for students to: independently create a business letter in digital format, wouldn’t Microsoft Word be at the level of Redefinition instead of Substitution as indicated in the video?

My artifact for this assignment is a narrated PowerPoint presentation to educators at a higher learning institution and is ironically the pre-class activity for a workshop on the Flipped Classroom. Access the video HERE.


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