Content Curation

Several definitions exist for content curation but recurring phrase in all the definitions suggest that it is a process of collecting, organizing and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Some definitions qualify this by specifying the content is digital in nature or that it is content found on the World Wide Web.

For me, content curation should not be restricted to digital content. If the content that is curated is digital, then the term digital curation may be more aptly suited to describe a particular type of content curation. Therefore, the mounting of a display in a museum which contains several artifacts of a Civilisation or the Independence of a country, or a Disc jockey selecting songs which have the theme of love, or a set of digital resources on a particular topic are examples of content curation.

As an instructor, the ubiquity of the Internet has led to a plethora of content being made available to everyone. Some of this content is of high academic quality especially if it is peer-reviewed material and unfortunately some of the content is opinionated, unevidenced and of lesser academic quality.

Content curation for the purpose of academic research can therefore significantly reduce the time spent by both instructors and students on wading through endless articles. Only recently, I came across an interesting article entitled “More Content Doesn’t Equal More Learning” where the author suggested teachers move away from being “content experts” and instead become “content curators”.

To facilitate content curation, several apps can be used. For my curated content on the specific topic of blended learning which is catered to an academic audience, I employed the use of the Storify app which has easy-to-use drag and drop features.

I have been using Evernote app to ‘grab’ or “curate” any useful material I happen to “stumble upon” on the Internet. After doing research for this assignment, I realized I have actually been doing content curation all along with Evernote but I am nonetheless excited by the features available in Storify.


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